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1 [INFO][01.06.11] Fan Account Of Yuri At Bali

Anyway my friend have chat with her about Super Junior. Ask her to tell Super Junior that A LOT of Indo ELF waiting for SUJU in Indonesia ^^
She also said that Indonesia's Shawol want SHINee 1st Concert held in Jakarta ^^
Seems like no one notice that she is SNSD's Yuri. Cause my friend also didn't notice it at first.
When she asked Yuri for photo, her mother not allowed.She said the best thing...Yuri's Brother is HANDSOME
This story happened around 3.00 PM Indonesia Time..

Here is the story
At uluwatu when i was walking, my friend said, it looks like Yuri there.And then i saw it, and shout "Yuri eonni!!!!!"
She looking back and smile. Suddenly i ran to her. Yuri say helo to me and offering me to shake hands,
i talk with her with English, but Yuri said with English mix
Yuri with (dunno is it her dongsaeng or brother) the guy one it's so handsome, and her mother. I want to take
photo with her but her mother not allowing me.

Her mother asked Yuri to leaving soon, and I cannot stalking more, because I was with my Study Tour group.. 장새벽

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0 [INFO][01.06.11] 2010 Korean album sales results have been released

The results for the best selling Korean albums of 2010 have been released. SNSD dominates the chart with a whopping 312,000 number of albums sold overall. Super Junior follows with 263,000 and SHINee comes in third at 155,000. Surprising results include TVXQ's impressive sale of 40,000, considering the recent release date of their album.

Be sure to look at the list! Do you see your favorite artists on here?

1. SNSD 312,000
2. Super Junior 263,000
3. SHINee 155,000
4. JYJ 128,000
5. BEAST 112,000
6. 2PM 107,000
7. 2AM 96,000
8. 2NE1 64,000
9. BoA 63,000
10. Kara 54,000

1. Super Junior 263,000
2. SHINee 155,000
3. JYJ 128,000
4. BEAST 112,000
5. 2PM 107,000
6. 2AM 96,000
7. SS501 49,000
8. CN Blue 44,000
9. Brown Eyed Soul 43,000
10. TVXQ 40,000

1. SNSD 312,000
2. 2NE1 64,000
3. Kara 54,000
4. T-ara 26,000
5. f(x) 17,000

Source: karaholic and Daum
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0 [VID][01.06.11] YongSeo Couple Episode 39 Preview

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0 [NEWS][01.06.11] What are the girls doing in January?

It’s only January and the girls are busy dividing their time equally in Korea and Japan as they prepare for performances and recording a new song.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “After last year’s year-end events, SNSD are currently taking a short break. In the middle of this month, SNSD will be in Korea for a week where they will be shooting CF and recording a new song. Of course, the new album‘s date of release is yet to be decided”.

The representative added, “At the end of this month, 25th and 26th of January, SNSD will be performing at the SM Town Live in Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo alongside other SM Town artists”


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0 [IMG/INFO][01.06.11] Beautiful Girls' MV Topped Gom TV's Charts

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0 [NEWS][01.06.11] SNSD won 2 awards at ‘The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010′

On January 5th, according to the list of winners for ‘The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010‘, SNSD and Kara won 2 awards respectively – ‘The New Artists of The Year Award‘ and ‘The Best New Artists Award‘.

The results were not surprising as SNSD and Kara’s achievements have surpassed many new artistes in Japan. However, unlike SNSD, MIWA and other new Japanese artistes, Kara were placed in the ‘Best 3 New Artists’ in western music category, alongside American popstar, Ke$ha.

SNSD who debuted in Japan on September 8th last year released their first debut single ‘Genie’ which recorded sales of over 100,000 copies and became the best-selling debut single released by a foreign female artiste. SNSD’s 2nd single ‘Gee’ had also recorded sales of more than 100,000 copies and due to these achievemnts, SNSD have received the Gold Certificates by RIAJ for both their single releases in 2010.


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0 [VID][01.06.11] Come To Play English Subbed

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